Returning to the Interwebs

My dear readers, I have not forgotten you!  I have not had access to a reliable internet connection for several days now.  I managed to sneak in that last post at about 5:45am local time right before we left Manila for Mindanao, where we have been ever since.  We have done lots of traveling around to various parts of the island, finally ending up in Davao City, where we will be staying (with internet connection!) for the next several days.  We will fly from here back to Manila on the 24th, spend one final day there, and then our group will return to Minnesota on the 25th!  At that point, I will be catching a flight from Minnesota to Arizona, and then I will return to Minnesota (for real) on February 1st.

I just wanted to post a brief update so you would know that we are all safe and well.  The most any of us can complain of is having too much to do and having to spend some of our precious time here sleeping!  I am working on longer entries to account for the past few days, and I will post them as soon as I am able.

As I prepare for bed in my air-contitioned room on this tropical island, I hope all my fellow Minnesotans are enjoying the snow! 🙂


PS: If you would like to read updates posted by other members of our group, please visit our class blog.  As always, comments are welcome!  We love to hear voices from home.


About Leaping Loon

I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister serving our congregation in Elgin, Illinois. While I am determined to embrace my propensity to wander, it oftentimes takes a leap of faith to do so. My life's motto seems to be: "Leap, and the net will appear." True to my spirit, and following Love's call, I must simply free myself to go. Where will I end up? Let's find out. Welcome to my journey!
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