It’s Up to You, Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

Please—love ALL of your neighbors, not just the straight ones. As a person of faith and as a seminarian training for the Unitarian Universalist ministry, I am demanding that you act as a leader to your people and model what truly loving behavior should look like.

Since the Senate won’t finish the job of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the responsibility now falls to you. You have the power; you have the responsibility to use it.

This unjust law will not stand forever; I am asking you to be the one who is brave enough to take that first step towards justice, to end this legalized oppression, and to give our brave military troops the liberty that is their inalienable right as a human being.

You must not allow another day to go by in which a brave gay or lesbian service member is discharged based simply on sexual orientation.  As a concerned, pro-equality American and a supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, I am urging you to abandon the defense of this discriminatory law in court, and exercise your clear authority as President to end the military discharges immediately.

Anything less is unacceptable.

So may it be.


Leslie Mills


This is the letter I wrote and emailed to President Obama.  Please write your own letter articulating your feelings; for a democracy to be truly fair and functional, it is vitally important that all voices are heard by the leaders who make the decisions that effect all of us. If your opinion happens to agree with mine and you’d like to write a similar submission, the Human Rights Campaign is a good place to start.  I looked for a similar link to share for those who might think that keeping “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a good idea, but I couldn’t find one.  I’m hoping that if those are your views, you have your own resources to aid you.  -lm


About Leaping Loon

I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister serving our congregation in Elgin, Illinois. While I am determined to embrace my propensity to wander, it oftentimes takes a leap of faith to do so. My life's motto seems to be: "Leap, and the net will appear." True to my spirit, and following Love's call, I must simply free myself to go. Where will I end up? Let's find out. Welcome to my journey!
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One Response to It’s Up to You, Mr. President

  1. Leaping Loon says:

    In response to a friend’s comment, I wrote a reply:

    I agree that the ideal outcome would be for the law-making bodies who are responsible for the creation of this law to be the the ones who have to step up and repeal it. I have also sometimes thought back to a decade ago when it was unusual to talk about gay rights, and I am filled with such hope at the (relatively) rapid progress this movement has made.

    What saddens me is that it has taken hate crimes and severe, public acts of murder and violence to get people to care. And in spite of that caring, the violence (both physical and psychological) continues every day. I did say in my letter that DADT won’t stand forever; I know that eventually (with patience) it will become an antiquated footnote in the history books along with the defunct legislation regarding the sale of slaves.

    But it’s difficult for me to counsel for patience when people’s lives–the lives of real, breathing, hoping, fearing, loving human beings–are being irreparably changed today. To quote Edward Everett Hale: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

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