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Future Travels and Trial Update

Dear reader, this brief post is intended to give you a rough update; there will be future posts with greater details when my information is a little more solid. 1) I will be in the Philippines from January 12-25, 2011. … Continue reading

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On Solidarity and Weeping

Part 1. When I look back on what I like to call my “justice summer,” in many ways it feels like a dream, or a fantastic tale that happened to someone else.  I read my own blog entries, illustrated by … Continue reading

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A Quest, the Fall, and Perceiving Grace

After the customary greetings, a fellow Unitarian Universalist seminary student and I began talking about “the fall” as an upcoming sermon topic at Groveland UU Fellowship, where I am interning this year. Now, in Unitarian Universalism, it’s much more common … Continue reading

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103 Days: Waiting in the Dark

Greetings, dear reader.  It has been 103 days since our protests and arrests in Phoenix on July 29th—the same number of days that the people of Phoenix held vigil on the capitol steps between the date SB1070 was signed into … Continue reading

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The Dark Mother and the Crow

I started drumming a little over a year ago, though I would say the drum has called to me since I was very young.  I began attending Jaime Meyer’s drum circle last October after I moved to the Twin Cities. … Continue reading

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Hot Tub Under the Stars

I leaned back into the warm water of the outdoor hot tub as my friends laughed and chatted; raising my arm up into the chilly November air, I watched as steam wreathed up from my skin.  The stars shone dimly … Continue reading

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Spoke Too Soon….

I went drumming again last night (tonight?).  It was an intimate circle of about 20 folks this time—smaller than I’m used to, but enough to get a good groove going. Tonight we called the Shaper (the one-who-shapes-and-reshapes-all-things) to come and … Continue reading

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