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Giving Up My Place at the Banquet Table

I was invited to preach yesterday (Sunday, August 29) for the Old Catholic Church of St. Anthony in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Though I am Unitarian Universalist, the congregation is not, and so I based my sermon on the lectionary reading … Continue reading

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What It Means to Leap

A friend wrote and offered me some very sage advice:  “People won’t applaud you for your principles, they will excoriate you for them. Expect to be treated badly–even more badly than you already have been.  You must be courageous. That … Continue reading

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The Passing of a Titaness

Eulogy for Phyllis Dickinson Fairman You wouldn’t know the size of her spirit, just by looking at her.  She was a diminutive, fragile-looking woman, almost birdlike, with pure white hair and large glasses.  Her every movement was carefully measured.  I’m … Continue reading

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The Hardest Lesson

As I was walking down the streets of Chiapas, nearing the end of our trip in June, I remember turning to Professor Chris and saying, with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, “How in the world am I supposed to share … Continue reading

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How I Ended Up in Jail

Over the course of my travels this summer, which culminated with me spending a night in jail, I have had many people ask me why I felt compelled to go the places I did.  I will attempt the outline of … Continue reading

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Setting One Ground Rule

Dear reader: I began this blog a couple of weeks ago with the intent of keeping my loved ones informed of my life and my travels.  It was unnecessary to write down any ground rules of conduct on this blog, … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

It has been quite the journey together so far, hasn’t it my friends?  I’ve spent the past couple of days taking a breather in Boulder, Colorado, and now I’m planning the final push to make it home to the Twin … Continue reading

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