Our Journey Begins

Why Leaping Loon?  A very sensible question.  First, Leap of Faith was taken.  So was Loonsong.  Thus, I combined the two and came up with the dubious Leaping Loon.  It made sense at the time, and if you know me at all, I think that on some level, you will agree that it suits me.

Loons, you see, are a very well-known Minnesota bird, and I am now proud to call this state home.  I remember falling asleep on summer nights to their eerie cries echoing over the lake, reaching my ears in the cabin nestled among the birch and pine forest of northern Minnesota.  But of course, let us not forget the endearment “crazy as a loon,” or the etymological connection to the ever-charming term “lunatic.”

As for the “leaping” part, I was given a wall plaque that has a wonderful motto on it: “Leap, and the net will appear.”  I thought I could tie that into my seminary work by choosing Leap of Faith, but apparently that is too unoriginal.  I very much tend to take giant leaps of faith, which in my mind just makes life more interesting.

For example, I am about to embark on a road trip from Minnesota to Phoenix and back.  My journey will take me through several national parks on the way there.  While in Phoenix, I will be joining many other clergy and lay-folks in protesting SB1070 on July 29th, the day this anti-immigration law goes into effect.  Maricopa county law enforcement has announced their intention to conduct raids.  As a person who is dedicating her life to try to make the world a more loving place, I cannot in good conscience let this historical day pass in silence.

But do I know what route I’m taking?  Vaguely.  Is anyone coming with me? No.  Have I attempted anything like this before?  Can’t say that I have.  Oh…and I’m doing it with a potentially cracked rib.

Is this a leap of faith?  Will the net appear?  Or am I just a lunatic?  Only time will tell!



About Leaping Loon

I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister serving our congregation in Elgin, Illinois. While I am determined to embrace my propensity to wander, it oftentimes takes a leap of faith to do so. My life's motto seems to be: "Leap, and the net will appear." True to my spirit, and following Love's call, I must simply free myself to go. Where will I end up? Let's find out. Welcome to my journey!
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2 Responses to Our Journey Begins

  1. kjones0725 says:

    I think it’s pretty gutsy you would take on going on your own.

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